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Zoltán  Téglás   Zoltán Téglás
Co-Director of Media

Zoltan Teglas is a Hungarian American actor, singer, and songwriter, with an extensive background in entertainment due to his 25 year career in the film, music, and the television industries.


Mr. Teglas has introduced multiple entrepreneurs to new technologies using venture capital through private equity banks within United States and Europe. With his focus on Budapest and Los Angeles Mr. Teglas has engaged in multiple international business transactions linking United States finance with Hungarian interests.

His current mission is to facilitate prosperous opportunities within the entertainment industry between The United States and Hungary by establishing a production center in Budapest that offers film financing, consultancy, facilitating production tax credits, as well as other media services for the entertainment industries.

Playing an active role in the promotion of Hungarian arts and culture throughout the world, Mr. Teglas is a social philanthropist for Hungarian and Hungarian-American social welfare organizations. With duel citizenship and a home in Los Angeles and Budapest, he stays close to his family’s roots and traditions. One of which is his family’s production of fine wines and spirits for over two hundred years.


Mr. Teglas has provided consulting services for organizations pertaining to environmental technologies, military defense, medical equipment, and production funding. He has personally arranged funding and organized various events from film and TV production, to music festivals and concerts. Mr. Teglas has brokered deals including international food contracts, hospital communication technologies, and an international mobile phone technology.


Through his musical endeavors, he is a social, financial, and production advocate for multiple non-profits. Mr. Teglas is a proud supporter of the Nobel Peace Prize winning Med Sans Frontieres, worked as the musical coordinator for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and sits on boards of multiple nonprofits. Mr. Teglas works closely with Music Cares and The Grammy Association and runs his own non-profit Mr. Teglas helped with the Discovery Channels  "Whale Wars" and worked closely with the team from the Academy award winning documentary "The Cove"

TV, film, and musical career.

Most of his music is socially and politically aware. He is the front man for Southern California rock band Ignite and was the lead singer of Pennywise, singing on their tenth album All or Nothing. He has collaborated with other bands including The Misfits, Motorhead, Social Distortion, and many others.


Mr. Teglas has acted in multiple American and Hungarian Film and television productions for over two decades.

Mr. Teglas appeared in Arpa Atilla’sHungarian block buster action comedy "Argo 2", played a tank commander in the upcoming 2016 Legendary and Universal Pictures 3D movie "Spectral",and just finished filming with the Fox TV series Tyrant. Where he played a CIA operative., and a part of the ground breaking new movie and movement "Unity"

Acting credits include:

  • "Recoil" - 1998
  • "Riot" - 1998
  • "Argo 2" - 2015
  • "The Tyrant" 2015
  • "Unity" - 2015