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Andrew Spanswick   Andrew Spanswick
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Spanswick is the Chairman and CEO of White Rabbit Partners, Inc., which has endeavors in Healthcare, Media and Financing. The company current operates in four States and runs seven facilities under the brand KLEAN Treatment Centers.

BHC Financial was founded in 2014 by Mr. Spanswick and is partnered with Choice Bank, out of Germany, and Mapplepoint Investments, from NYC. The Specialty Lending Company provides factoring and back office services for companies in the behavioral healthcare.

Mr. Spanswick is host of KLEAN News and also has appeared at multiple television and live events produced by WRP and KLEAN MEDIA.

Mr. Spanswick is on the BOD’s of two other privately held health-related businesses and is Founder of KLEAN Café, Inc., which is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide job training and scholarship funds for persons suffering from Mental illness and substance abuse problems.

Mr. Spanswick is a 28-year veteran manager and owner of behavioral health hospitals and services, and began his career in New Orleans, Louisiana. After receiving his MSW in Clinical Mental Health from Tulane University in Louisiana, he worked for five years in multiple inpatient psychiatric settings as a Director of Social Services. In 1994, Mr. Spanswick entered the Master of Hospital Administration Program at Tulane while simultaneously founding Paradym Health Systems, Inc. (PHS), a psychiatric hospital management company, with Dr. Alan Jason Coe as partner.

PHS engaged in the development, operation and oversight of "distinct part" inpatient and outpatient psychiatric units placed in community and private hospitals throughout the Gulf South. Mr. Spanswick managed the operations of the company and all of the business development. In five years, PHS grew from two to nine psychiatric units and over 200 managed beds. As CEO, Mr. Spanswick designed the company's operation and managed its growth, adding key personnel to ensure clinical, fiscal and regulatory oversight. Systems were set up to work directly with the billing Fiscal Intermediaries, JCAHO and the Federal and State regulatory bodies. Each hospital unit passed all JCAHO and State surveys with 100% compliance.

Mr. Spanswick also has extensive experience in finance. He has participated in several major technology and entertainment projects, arranging over $500 million in equity and senior debt through private equity and institutional financing entities. Mr. Spanswick is 48, and proud to call West Hollywood, Los Angeles his home for the last fifteen years.